Monday, December 5, 2011

Appalachian Bear Rescue

We were lucky enough to see a black bear on the side of the road, while driving to Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The bear was beautiful, had the blackest coat I've ever seen, so fluffy and shiny. You're probably wondering how does she know that the bear was fluffy, well, we did see the bear from about 10-15 feet, and believe me it looked amazing. I love bears, but after seeing one so close, in the wild, made me even more appreciative of the nature and all those great animals we share the Earth with. He was just roaming, looking for food, ravaging the leafs for some acorns. Every once on a while he picked up his head and looked up at the group of strangers (including us) quickly trying to catch a glimpse of him on camera.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any good photos of the bear. Bummer.

2011 was a very active year for bears, as I've learn.  Even though this was the only bear we got to see in the wild, as I'm reading blogs or checking out Flickr photos of Great Smoky Mountains, I see a lot great pictures of black bears, everybody is raving about how many bears you could have seen while hiking in the Smokys this past summer/fall.

But let's get to the chase of this post. I would like to take few moments and bring up an important subject of helping the bears, especially the cubs. There are a lot of them that are being found orphaned and in the need of human help in order to survive. In 2010 optimal weather conditions for berries and nuts resulted in a lot of more bear cubs being born on the begining of this year. Bears had a lot of food, they didn't have to spend hours on searching for food, so they had more time to play ;) if you know what I mean. So then more cubbies were born. And that's all great, we do want more cubs to roam around, but we also want them to be healthy and grow up with their moms for as long as they need. This is a sad story, but a lot of little cubs becames orphaned, for a different reasons, like some illigeal hunting, car accidents, etc. Those cubs are usually so little, they haven't been with their mothers long enough to learn all the ropes of survival and a lot of times they are starving and are severely malnourished when they are found. Appalachian Bear Rescue is the organization that helps orphaned cubs bring them back to life, and eventually get them ready to the wild life they were brought up to live. This year, so far (Dec 5th, 2011) ABR have a record number of cubs that need help, 31, and as far as they know there has been more cubs spotted that might need help.

                                     [Photo from Facebook page of Appalachian Bear Rescue ]

I am looking into a different ways to help this wonderful organization. They always appreciate monetary donations. It does get expensive to care for those little ones that are sick and starving. To bring them back . You can donate the money directly to the ABR, by clicking on the ABR button on the top of the right column on my blog. Also you can purchase 2012 calendar or other items from their online store. Click here to buy the calendar, mugs, shirts, hats, and other goodies from ABR's internet store. It makes a great gift for upcoming Holidays and at the same it will help the great cause.
The pictures in this calendar are taken by one of the guys working with bear cubs, you get the real pictures of the bears that are in the rescue right now. If you check out their Facebook page, there are tons of funny photos and great stories of the cubs and bears. Some stories are sad, as we get the images of tiny bears barely hanging on to their lifes, and as they get better we are happy to see them play and socialize with others. This really is a great organization that needs my and your support.
Please Help! Thank you

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