Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yoga Intentions

Recently I took on yoga, again. I have done some yoga before, but I was never consistent with it. Partially because it's hard to find a good yoga teacher that would suit you. I used to go to yoga class at my gym, but instructors would change and it was hard to get a good flow. I'm not sure if it makes any sense, but I like to have one teacher, develop a relationship, and feel more motivated because there is always something new to look forward. Another important part for me is being able to actually understand what the teacher is saying, and their ability to explain everything I need to without me ever looking up to see what to do. I think that's the art of teaching yoga, especially on the beginner level.

Recently Julie, my yoga teacher, started mentioning something about setting up an intention for your class, and I know I've heard that before, but never really fully understood what that meant. So as she said the magic words "now, try to set the intention for your class" my brain literally started spinning, and after about 30 seconds of a mambo jumbo of random thoughts, I came out with completely NOTHING! And at that point I promised myself that this will be the last time this will happen. That evening I went home and did my homework on yoga intentions. 

It's pretty simple. Intentions are about how you live in the presence, it’s not about setting up a longtime goals. You should set your intentions based on what's most important to you and commit to aligning your outer actions with inner values, according to Phillip Moffitt, who teaches meditation at Turtle Island Yoga Center in California. 

The best way (works for me) is to try to come out with one or two word intentions that means something to you, it’s a lot easier to remember those intentions and repeat them during your practice. Here are few easy to remember intentions inspired by Yoga Journal that helped me:

  • Breathe! Just taking time to breath and appreciate your body as it’s flowing the energy from the practice.
  • Peace. Sending out good vibes to all of the living things on the planet.
  • Chill out! Life isn’t stressful unless you let it stress you out. So, my intention is to just chill out for the next hour and a half and RELAX for a change.
  • Be OK with where I am right now, and realize it’s the perfect place for me. My best is good enough!
  • Self-love. Focusing on me and getting as much as I can out of the practice.
  • Fill up, take care of myself, and emerge refreshed and energetic. No more running on fumes.
  • Take the lessons I learn on the yoga mat and apply them into all the other areas of my life.
  • Ambition. Pushing myself a little harder (but not too hard!) to reach that next level.
  • Release. Letting go of all the negative and stressful things in  life and melting into a calm, relaxing bit of yoga.
  • Slow down. Sometimes life just goes to fast, so slow down and enjoy every bit of your life as you enjoy this yoga practice.

Check out below links from other blogs and websites that you might find helpful in the process of learning and setting up your intentions:

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  1. I love this - I've tried yoga a few times and really enjoyed it

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