Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Photostream

Finally, the iPhone made it to my hands! After 8 months of waiting to become eligible for a new phone (thanks a lot AT&T) I made the big purchase on Friday, June 1st, 2012. I am obsessed with the camera and the photo apps that are available for the iPhone 4S.

To share my photos I will be posting a Weekend Photostream with my faves of the week. No rules, just fun of taking pictures and seeing them through a variety of photo apps! :)

We spent this weekend in the city, enjoying the weather and our rooftop deck. On Friday Tim met me downtown for lunch and iPhone shopping. After that we got on the train at Madison and Wabash and took the "L" home. About a week ago, our newly build Morgan Station was finally open, after 2 long years of construction, and we got to enjoy the quick train ride home. The station is state of the art, modern steel sculpture build into the old tracks. It's truly amazing!

Rest of the weekend was just like a "lazy stay-cation", which we both needed. Kodie enjoyed his long walks to the park every day. He loves the park. We can't say the word PARK anymore, because he goes crazy, starts following me around super excited :) Few Skinnygirl Margaritas finished off the weekend and before we knew it was Monday again.

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