Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here is the easiest and by far the fastest vegan burger you can imagine. Ok, maybe it's not exactly a burger, it's more like a thinly sliced, and char-grilled BBQ tofu sandwich. Load tofu on your favorite bun, top with smashed avocado and raw onions - and here is the tonight's winner! 

All you need is:

1 block of tofu, extra firm, drained, path dry
your fav vegan BBQ sauce (I like Organicville BBQ sauce, it's not super thick)

The secret to this tasting good is slicing tofu really thin, but not too thin, so it doesn't fall apart while grilling. I usually get about 14-16 slices out of a Trader Joe's Firm or Extra Firm Tofu block. Drench the slices in BBQ sauce and put on the hot grill, about 350-400 degrees, for about 5-6 minutes per side. The tofu should be charred on the edges. I love BBQ sauce, so I add more on the bottom of my bun, and sometimes on top also :)


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  2. That looks SO good!! Definitely going to try it out! :) Myrtle Nelson


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