Monday, April 28, 2014

Vegan Deep Dish Pizza from VeganYackAttack

Ok, so I haven’t had a deep dish pizza since I became lactose intolerant, which is about four years ago. For some odd reason I never really craved it, even living in Chicago didn’t make me want it. Maybe because I don’t usually like to work with yeast, making yeast dough takes so much time. Little too long for my busy lifestyle.

Recently, I got a huge craving for a good ole slice of a deep dish goodness. Cheezy sauce, mushrooms covered with a pillow of tomato sauce, resting on a delicious crust. I began to surf the web for the ultimate recipe that would be simple enough for me to make it.

Ta-daaahhhh! Found it! I stumbled upon a vegan blog, Vegan Yack Attack, and the most delicious food photography I’ve ever seen. I am not kidding you, I was drooling! Jackie nailed the recipe and her photography is just amazing! Saturday couldn’t come fast enough.

[Photo credit: Jackie from VeganYackAttack. I didn't photograph my pizza. Not this time.]

The pizza dough itself was pretty easy to make, didn’t require too much drama. It was fairly fast. While the dough was raising, I sautéed three different kinds of mushrooms, oyster, shitake and baby bellas with some chopped onions, and a bit of olive oil. I have to have mushrooms on my deep dish! I also decided to skip the macaroni part, so I made the cheese mixture as per recipe, but did not mix it with pasta. Still worked out pretty good. The filling portion was not as tall, as on Jackie’s pizza, but tasted just great.  For full recipe, along with amazing step by step photography visit VeganYackAttack.

If you ever find yourself in a crave of vegan deep dish – this is the recipe you need to use! Vegan Yack Attack blog is now in my favorites!

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