Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blurb Book - 2013 Lake Shelbyville Camping

So you know, how you always take tons of photos wherever you go, load them to the computer, maybe work on some hero shots, and then... no one ever sees them. They sit on your hard drive, "collecting cyber dust". Once on a while you decide to go back in time and reminiscence, it seem so much fun to go back the memory lane. Why the h* I don't do something with all that photography??

I made the decision to start making photo books. I have a goal, and with that in mind I know what kind of pictures I need in order to put together a decent photo book. Below book would be the first one, except our wedding book, that I designed via Blurb. Lightroom 5 has a book design module, that links directly to Blurb - amazing feature!!!. This book is very simple. Since I didn't use my DSLR as much on this camping trip, most of the pictures are from the iphones, and point & shoot cameras. By any means this is not a work of art, but rather simple album filled with fun summer memories. Little coffee table book you can pick up at any time, and browse through the pages, remembering the family camping trip.

Lake Shelbyville, July 2013 by Meg Szymanska | Make Your Own Book

My goal is to make a book from every trip we've gone to, maybe a collaboration book of road trips to the same destination, like upper peninsula in Michigan. Who knows what I will come up with in the future. Shelbyville Camping Trip will have it's own book every year, that's for sure. I just published the 2014 album, with twice as many pages, and photographs. Both books are the same size - 7" x 7" square, and look really nice stacked on the shelf, or coffee table. It definitely was an amazing Christmas present for all that went camping.

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