Thursday, August 13, 2015

Visiting Arizona & Oregon

2014 was quite boring, we didn't really travel much, so I decided to change that a bit in 2015, and booked two wonderful vacation in the first half of the year: Arizona & Grand Canyon in April, and finally (I have been daydreaming about it for a while now), the Pacific Northwest - Portland/Oregon in May.

[Hiking South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ]

[Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood Wilderness, OR]

I love both destinations for a different reasons. Arizona was sunny, warm, dry dessert, sand, palm trees, quite different landscape I am used to here, in the Midwest. And Oregon, oh my... I do love Oregon for the amazing diversity it offers, from the majestic pacific coast, to beautiful rivers, mountains, volcanoes, hills, gorges and waterfalls. Even the rain forest. I fell in love with Pacific Northwest, just as I expected and it's being considered as one of the places to live in, maybe not so distant future...

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